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Matches 51 to 100 of 1061

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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
51 S12 Books: History of Cooper County by W. F. Johnston
52 S288 Books: History of Cooper County, Missouri by Levens and Drake
53 S384 Books: History of Fayette County, Illinois
54 S54 Books: History of Gantner, Stretz, and Relations
55 S426 Books: History of Howard and Cooper Counties
56 S98 Books: History of New Lebanon Cooper County Missouri
57 S468 Books: History of Sac County Iowa
58 S775 Books: History of Talbot County, Maryland, 1661-1861, Oswald Tilghman
59 S876 Books: History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, John Burke {1834-1838}
60 S851 Books: Irish Pedigrees or The Origin and Stem of The Irish Nation Vol 1 John O Hart
61 S841 Books: John Kitchel and Esther Peck
62 S142 Books: Kinship Book for Ichenheim, Germany
63 S507 Books: Licht am Abend or Light in the Evening
64 S884 Books: Llanthony Priory in the Vale of Ewyas: The Landscape Impact of a Medieval Priory in the Welsh Marches
65 S853 Books: Luminarium Encyclopedia
66 S820 Books: Magna Carta Sureties 1215 by Frederick Lewis Weis
67 S778 Books: Maryland Genealogies, A Consolidation of Articles From the Maryland Historical Magazine, Thomas L. Hollowak
68 S706 Books: McClintock and Strong Cyclopedia
69 S111 Books: Mechling Family Bible - Through 900 Years
70 S550 Books: Mechling Mechlin Macklin 1728 - 1989
71 S907 Books: Medieval English Ancestors of Certain Americans; Carl Boyer
72 S912 Books: Medieval Wales, David Walker
73 S227 Books: Memorabilia of Cooper County
74 S96 Books: Middle Plantation
75 S591 Books: My Family Tree Moehle and Neef
76 S858 Books: New England Historic and Genealogical Society Register
77 S859 Books: North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000
78 S271 Books: North Antrim Families
79 S861 Books: Oxford University Alumni, 1500-1886
80 S1073 Books: Peerage and Baronetage, 106th Edition, Charles Mosley
81 S862 Books: Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists, David Faris
82 S863 Books: Plantagenet Ancestry: A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families, Douglas Richardson
83 S815 Books: Restoration and Reform, 1153-1165, Graeme J. White
84 S674 Books: Ritterschaftliches Pfarrerbuch Franken
85 S854 Books: Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families by Michael Call
86 S852 Books: Royal Genealogies (Volume II) by James Anderson
87 S897 Books: Royals and Nobles: A GenealogistsTool
88 S866 Books: Royalty for Commoners, 2nd Ed; Roderick W Stuart
89 S24 Books: Schriften des Vereins fur Sachsen Meiningische Geschichte und Landeskunde
90 S708 Books: Schuylkill County Pennsylvania, Genealogy
91 S716 Books: Siebenhundert Jahre Sonnefeld
92 S867 Books: Some Colonial and Revolutionary Families of North Carolina
93 S868 Books: Stammtafeln zur Geschichte der Europaischen Staaten; W. K. Prinz von Isenburg
94 S950 Books: The ancestors and descendants of Colonel David Funsten and his wife Susan Everard Meade
95 S904 Books: The Aristocracy of Norman England, Judith A. Green
96 S394 Books: The Carroll County Historical Society Quarterly
97 S781 Books: The Coale family : Nine Generations, Vol. 1
98 S892 Books: The David and Charles Book of Castles, by Plantagenet Somerset Fry
99 S69 Books: The Douglas Genealogy, The Descendants of John Douglas of Middleborough, Massachusetts
100 S809 Books: The English ancestry of Edmond Hawes of Yarmouth, Mass

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