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Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa

Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa


Latitude: 42.008331, Longitude: -91.644081


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Booth, Dorothy Elizabeth  21 Feb 1932Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I1509
2 Booth, Karen Marie   I15906
3 Challed, Adolph T  26 Jan 1875Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I16398
4 Challed, Antony  17 Jan 1852Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I15729
5 Challed, Arthur A  4 Jun 1901Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I6465
6 Challed, Charles William  27 Dec 1879Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I21964
7 Challed, Cynthia   I649
8 Challed, David  UNKNOWNCedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I10667
9 Challed, Don Sheridan Jr  25 May 1932Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I22542
10 Challed, Eugene F  30 Mar 1921Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I20183
11 Challed, Frances E  4 Dec 1877Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I18454
12 Challed, Frank Anton  9 Mar 1890Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I24094
13 Challed, Marie  27 Aug 1881Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I18156
14 Challed, William E  1947Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I17889
15 Edwardson, William Edward  21 May 1927Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I17689
16 Houser, Michael Kenneth   I15354
17 Hoyt, Angela   I22906
18 Hoyt, Chad Allen   I11227
19 Hoyt, Craig William   I21163
20 Hoyt, Eric Lee   I1303
21 Hoyt, Jason   I15700
22 Hoyt, Ryan William   I8499
23 Hoyt, Shawn   I5776
24 Kouba, Libbie Anna  Abt 1910Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I6745
25 Kouba, Milo John  26 Jul 1911Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I22908
26 Melsha, Emma B  30 Mar 1875Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I6569
27 Murtha, Andrea Dawn   I5581
28 Nejdl, Emma  1 Dec 1876Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I14603
29 Patterson, Priscilla  25 Sep 1922Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I10682
30 Roth, Edward Henry  20 Oct 1900Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I3294
31 Sadler, Robert Dean   I8873
32 Saunders, Mary Louise  Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I20102
33 Vobejda, Leona  14 May 1911Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I512
34 Yama, Emma  4 May 1882Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I14366
35 Yama, Frank Jr  7 Nov 1893Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I18137


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Challed, Adolph T  22 Jul 1910Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I16398
2 Challed, Antony  2 Sep 1905Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I15729
3 Challed, Charles William  22 Dec 1945Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I21964
4 Challed, Frances E  24 Dec 1934Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I18454
5 Challed, Marie  24 Nov 1918Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I18156
6 Huschka, Magdalene  31 Jul 1989Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I6560
7 Kinner, Hiram Hubert  24 Dec 1970Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I21554
8 Kollenkark, Theresa Elizabeth  24 Mar 1995Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I17802
9 Kopecky, Milo Joseph  3 Nov 1968Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I19038
10 Kouba, Frances  19 Mar 1941Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I9501
11 Kouba, Frank  1921Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I21360
12 Kouba, Frank  5 Mar 1944Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I343
13 Kouba, Helen Emma  27 Feb 1991Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I12807
14 Kouba, Libbie Anna  1940Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I6745
15 Kouba, Libbie Elizabeth  29 Oct 1967Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I13951
16 Kouba, Milo John  2 Apr 1958Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I22908
17 Kouba, Wilson Rosburg  7 Jul 2009Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I17069
18 Kuester, Willis Albert  17 Jul 1977Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I8546
19 Miller, Olga K  3 Nov 1956Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I16312
20 Nejdl, Emma  29 Sep 1966Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I14603
21 Osvalt, Elizabeth Alzbeta  Mar 1931Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I15308
22 Rosburg, Carl William  10 Nov 1986Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I23698
23 Saunders, William Everett  14 Apr 1949Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I3995
24 Schlue, Vernon  31 May 1968Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I23359
25 Wehrman, William Charles  7 Dec 1947Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I16291


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Booth, Dorothy Elizabeth  1935Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I1509
2 Booth, Dorothy Elizabeth  1 Apr 1940Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I1509
3 Hladky, Frances W  1935Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I139
4 Hladky, Frances W  1 Apr 1940Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I139
5 Kouba, Frank  1920Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I21360
6 Kouba, Libbie Anna  Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I6745
7 Kouba, Libbie Anna  1920Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I6745
8 Kouba, Libbie Anna  1929Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I6745
9 Kouba, Libbie Anna  1930Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I6745
10 Kouba, Milo John  Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I22908
11 Kouba, Milo John  1915Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I22908
12 Kouba, Milo John  1920Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I22908
13 Kouba, Milo John  1935Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I22908
14 Kouba, Milo John  1 Apr 1940Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I22908
15 Kouba, Milo John  1942Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I22908
16 Osvalt, Elizabeth Alzbeta  1920Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I15308
17 Osvalt, Elizabeth Alzbeta  1930Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I15308
18 Paulu, Irene Helen  1935Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I23295
19 Paulu, Irene Helen  1 Apr 1940Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I23295
20 Paulu, L Clarence  1935Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I6157
21 Paulu, L Clarence  1 Apr 1940Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I6157
22 Paulu, Leonard Theodore  1935Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I13370
23 Paulu, Leonard Theodore  1 Apr 1940Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I13370
24 Paulu, Mary A  1935Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I20579
25 Paulu, Mary A  1 Apr 1940Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I20579
26 Ralston, Ralph E  Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I711
27 Vobejda, Leona  Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I512
28 Vobejda, Leona  1935Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I512
29 Vobejda, Leona  1 Apr 1940Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I512
30 Vobejda, Leona  1942Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa I512


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Challed / Kouba  1874Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa F7169
2 Challed / Nejdl  11 Sep 1900Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa F7402
3 Kouba / Lamer  7 Oct 1914Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa F818
4 Kouba / Osvalt  23 Oct 1906Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa F6030
5 Kouba / Zavodsky  26 Nov 1919Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa F7712
6 Rosburg / McGranahan  23 Sep 1895Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa F846