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Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri

Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri


Latitude: 38.8061306, Longitude: -92.9626961


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Back, Christina Elizabeth  30 Jan 1856Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I8246
2 Beck, Mary Emma  29 Jun 1863Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I13459
3 Bergman, Carl Jacob  30 Apr 1926Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I14279
4 Bergman, Clarence Edward  11 Feb 1928Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I13948
5 Bergman, Helen Lorraine  11 May 1931Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I4021
6 Bergman, Infant  21 Apr 1925Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I7077
7 Bergman, Karl Frederich  26 Oct 1899Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I23957
8 Bergman, Kenneth William Sr  9 May 1933Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I18433
9 Bergman, Mary Kathryn  9 Sep 1929Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I21162
10 Bergman, Philip Harold  23 Oct 1924Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I10072
11 Bergman, Wanda Lee  28 Apr 1937Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I11226
12 Cash, Bertha Lee  29 Jun 1882Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I17007
13 Cole, Mary Lucille  20 Feb 1904Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I6742
14 Cooper, Joan  1 Dec 1936Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I547
15 Eckerle, Lena Mae  3 May 1890Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I18772
16 Eckerle, Rose Lee  4 Dec 1889Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I13868
17 Kauffman, Lucy Ann  8 Jul 1848Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I10445
18 Lamm, Louise Irene Pearl  5 Aug 1930Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I24264
19 Lusk, Helen Scott  6 Oct 1911Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I16856
20 Mitzel, Emmuel Taylor  16 Feb 1902Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I775
21 Phillips, Oscar J  6 Feb 1925Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I9498
22 Schlotzhauer, Harry J  30 Dec 1913Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I2211
23 Schlotzhauer, Robert  1918Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I22884
24 Schupp, Edna May  15 May 1912Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I4766
25 Schupp, Elsa Sophia  5 Aug 1899Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I7490
26 Schupp, Ernst Theophil  9 Aug 1908Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I20935
27 Schupp, Helen Elisabeth  11 Aug 1913Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I13722
28 Schupp, Johannes  24 Jul 1897Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I289
29 Schupp, Joseph Emil  30 Nov 1913Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I2048
30 Schupp, Leona Elizabeth  7 Dec 1905Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I11975
31 Schupp, Leonhard Paul  15 Feb 1902Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I14689
32 Schupp, Lester Bartholomaeus  28 Sep 1909Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I19181
33 Schupp, Louis Franz  1 Mar 1906Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I23654
34 Schupp, Marie Jane Christiana  10 Jul 1904Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I5743
35 Schupp, Martha Louise  14 Jun 1902Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I16448
36 Schupp, Marvin George  7 Jun 1923Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I20785
37 Schupp, Meta Bertha  4 Aug 1904Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I8267
38 Schupp, Opal Karoline  12 Feb 1908Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I21901
39 Schupp, Oscar Johann  7 Aug 1911Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I6515
40 Stamberger, Heinrich Anton  7 Jan 1873Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I835
41 Stamberger, Johann Gustav Adolph  5 Oct 1860Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I23228
42 Stamberger, Johann Heinrich  16 Feb 1862Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I9396
43 Stamberger, Justus Wilhelm  28 Jan 1870Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I17968
44 Stamberger, Maria Elizabetha  18 Jul 1867Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I20701
45 Stamberger, Phillip John  18 Mar 1865Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I16601
46 Stoecklein, Marie Louise  15 Mar 1909Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I23357
47 Wolfe, Alma W  6 Jun 1910Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I21916
48 Wolfe, Clara Belle  26 Dec 1907Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I24706
49 Wolfe, George Luther  3 Dec 1877Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I17601
50 Wolfe, Nancy Mae  22 Oct 1922Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I6336

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Daisy Myrtle  24 Nov 1935Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I3195
2 Back, Phillip Peter  UNKNOWNPleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I15450
3 Barnhard, Elizabeth J  24 Sep 1938Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I8030
4 Bergman, Infant  1 May 1925Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I7077
5 Deuschle, Bertha  21 May 1947Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I2807
6 Eichelberger, Nathaniel Henry  12 Dec 1919Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I4203
7 Friess, Philipp Jr  9 Apr 1885Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I10997
8 Gentner, Marie Luise  25 May 1928Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I12566
9 Haley, Mary Emma  25 Oct 1934Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I12921
10 Mitzel, Lemuel Fenton  14 Apr 1915Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I11190
11 Newell, Alonzo Scott  26 Apr 1930Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I20092
12 Schlotzhauer, James Henry Sr  28 Nov 1950Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I17168
13 Schupp, Edna May  25 Oct 1912Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I4766
14 Schupp, James CURRY  16 May 1934Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I7303
15 Schupp, Margaretha Elisabetha Sylphine  7 Jul 1937Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I686
16 Schupp, Opal Karoline  29 Nov 1908Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I21901
17 Stamberger, George  18 Mar 1920Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I16018


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kraus, John  1900Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I22425
2 Nold, Maria Barbara  Jun 1900Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I14278
3 Schoen, Frank Sylvester  Jun 1900Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri I20603


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hoflander / Back  15 Jan 1880Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri F7038
2 Stamberger / Stewart  23 Oct 1889Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri F6640
3 Vogelpohl / Back  2 Sep 1886Pleasant Green, Cooper, Missouri F5298